W.H. Earl


Time to wrap things up (kind of…)

The end of dental school is in sight. And with it comes board examinations, licensing examinations, regular examinations, competency examinations, practice transition, capstone projects, etc… Especially now that my kids are getting older, I’d like to take advantage of my weekends by getting in some great experiences before we leave the Portland area. So now seems a good time to start wrapping up this leather business.

Here’s how that’s going to shake out:

  • Belts: I’m not ordering new belt leather. I will update inventory soon and then that’s it. The bulk of my business is belts, so stopping this is a priority. I have some overstock. Watch for it on instagram and/or my email list. I’ll pick style on those and you’ll pick the length.

  • Wallets: I have leather acquisition disease. If you want a wallet, I’ll make you one. Unless I get swamped, then I’ll have to slow things down. I have some cool stuff that usually ends up on instagram and a bit of shell cordovan sitting around. Drop me a line, I’ll make you something.

  • Leather: When it gets closer to June, I may be selling some of my stock off. I haven’t decided.

Custom Orders

If it's a tweak of a design you see on the site, it's usually easy to do. If you want me to come up with something to novel specifications, it's unlikely I'll be able to help you out. I'm generally a bit more flexible and accommodating for repeat customers, but even if you're a new customer, it doesn't hurt to ask.

General Production Information

I make every effort to manufacture and dispatch your order as quickly as possible. All items are made to order and purchases are fulfilled in the order in which they are received. Time from order to shipment may take 4 weeks or sometimes more. If you need your order by a certain date, please let me know.