W.H. Earl

W.H. Earl Dry Goods is a one man operation which produces and sells leather goods in a small workshop outside of Portland, Oregon. Every step of production from design to finishing is done by hand. I specialize in durable, attractive, belts and every day carry accessories. 

After years of buying and replacing disposable consumer goods, I began to seek out items that would keep on ticking through many years or decades of use. I particularly enjoy the way that every hide and cut of leather is unique and that well-made leather goods become more attractive with age. 

My goal is to provide my customers with durable, functional leather goods. I use quality leathers, primarily from US and UK tanneries, and quality linen and synthetic threads. These premium materials ensure that your wallet, case, bag, or belt will last you many years to come.

About Me

I am not, in fact, W.H. Earl, but we are related. Following his service as an artilleryman during the Civil War, he ran a general store in a small farming town in Kansas. His name and the names of my products are nods to family history.

Several generations removed, I am a husband and father who has worked all over the country (and a bit overseas), and is very happily living again in my native Northwest. I enjoy working with my hands to make useful, attractive things. When I'm not working with leather or playing with my kids, I keep my hands busy studying dentistry in Portland.