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Waxy Black Harness Belt

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This belt is made with a ~11 oz. very waxy black harness leather from Teneria. 

Shown here in the M1861 style with brass buckle.

I have a limited assortment of black center and heel bar buckles and black rivets that look great with this leather. Contact me if you're interested. 

Styles: Both styles feature 1.5" strips, tear drop holes, and a tight buckle bend in order to limit buckle bulge. The differences between the styles are below. Elements can be swapped between styles. 


  • Closure: Stitched
  • Buckle: Center Bar
  • Keeper: None
  • Front Stamp:  Crossed Sabers


  • Closure: Rivets
  • Buckle: Heel Bar
  • Keeper: Matching Leather
  • Front Stamp: Crossed Rifles

Sizing: Measure a currently used belt from where the leather and buckle attach to the most frequently-used hole. If unable to measure a belt you already own, add 2" to your actual waist measurement. 

Important! Because belts are sized for each customer's order, returns can only be accepted for defective items. If you have any questions at all about your size, please ask prior to ordering.

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